Welcome to South Denver Rheumatology

We are a patient-focused arthritis clinic, dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and education about autoimmune conditions. Our staff is compassionate and understands that the first visit to a rheumatology office can be daunting. We take the time to listen to our patients’ concerns and thoroughly answer any questions they may have.

Dr. Oparaeche is board certified in Rheumatology and is happy to share his extensive knowledge with our patients. After our initial evaluation, some patients only need to be provided with information and do not require treatment at this time. For others, a customized treatment plan will be developed or referrals will be made to the appropriate specialist.

Patients who require ongoing rheumatology care can benefit from the wide range of interventions that are available today. Our goal is always to treat the arthritis or autoimmune condition so that each of our patients can resume their daily activities and lead a full life. We work closely with primary care physicians and any other specialists involved in a patient’s care to coordinate and optimize treatment.

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